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lirik lagu shyne – shyne

swiss, po
respect our gangster n-gg-
lay down

[verse 1:]
what you know about holding out big tec?
big vest, hollow tips all up in the kid neck
po live it up, yellow stones lid it up
long johns (siggas) tuck, it’s the kid n-gg- what
some of your rap n-gg-s is girls
on my d-ck yoururpping, flappin’
f-cking cartoons,
these n-gg-s guns don’t go off
until they say lights, camera, action
yourur swiss tell them n-gg-s eat a d-ck
gun up in your face, b-tch that way we won’t miss
unload the sh-t then reload the sh-t
head straight to the airport and unload some bricks
no lyin’, your n-gg-s seem me coming down to shoot you
you’d think i was flying, 12 cylinders
brookly is mine, n-gg- move over
yea i’m talking to you. f-cking d-ck blower

for all of you all, keeping you all in health
just to see you wilding and enjoy yourself
’cause it’s cool when you’re f-cking with a n-gg- like me
cool when you’re ridin’ with a n-gg- like me
to all my (money making) b-tches just shine
to all my n-gg-s keeping it gully just shine
to all the ghettos in america, oh shine
i’m gonna keep it gangster till i die n-gg-, sine

[verse 2:]
check it
all i need in this world of sin
is a crooked lawyer, big rims and a mac. 10
ridin’ through the city like i’m used to this sh-t
f-ck your vest n-gg-, my cells will chew through that sh-t
catch a breath, you ain’t heard about that n-gg- po
murder cases diamond faces, mat-hat-lo’
leavin’ pieces of your brain on your car do
looking gully in that bent. on that r.o.
l.l. see your n-gg-s in h-ll
soon as they set my bail, i make another sell
sh-t i set my mind at a the early age
i was gonna be paid or early graved
what the f-ck i gotta have, blocks to smash
lots a cash, drop sum -ss
this is the truth, i probably die in my coup
but i bet you and them b-tches that come to get me, i shoot


[verse 3:]
i got my mind on the shipment
shipment on my mind
about to meet these dominican n-gg-s at 9
rhyme, rap, what the f-ck is that
only thing i rap is ye, n-gg- die today
you got it confused i ain’t tryna fill n-body’s shoes
i’m just looking for connects n-gg-
doin’ what i do
back against the wall
against all odds
tune in to my live n-gg-, this sh-t is sicka then oz
fightin’ ‘gainst them crackers
them killers gettin’ at us
no where to run, so i grab my gun
abd start blazin’, this sh-t got a n-gg- agin’
i’m gonna die a gangster n-gg- ain’t no changin’
a g. faithfully, momma pray for me
little n-gg- go to school, stay away from me
got wh-r-s for your hustlers
bullets for your cowards
and d-ck for your b-tches up in the trump tower


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