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lirik lagu sickening revels – avernus

dark shapes approach my eyes, no human form discernable
erotic in their deformity, i tremble with l-st at what is to come
the scents of lavender and blood lie at your throat
pale and slender, awaiting razor-edged kisses
shedding limbs in the ecstacy of your ardor
skin peeled back to expose the beauty of raw muscle
consumed by my desires…
obsessed by sickening revels…
dance with me beyond the veils
where pain and pleasure blend as one
i opened the door to macabre delights
now i am bound helpless to the hunger for flesh
a tapestry of morbid desire
eros looks on with a blind and jaundiced eye
bleeding c-nt reduced to slashed and gaping maw
carve in her new vertical smile
the old and the young all join us
penetrate screaming infants ripping virgin orifice
the extreme of fleshly desire
that i have forsaken morality to achieve
“i’m showing you my stupid worthless b-tch!”
posthumous coitus copulation with carnage
moonlight lies placid on the dull gleam of bloodied bone
delicate pink coils of intestine hanging
pendulous, between her br–sts
her lovely and pallid contenance offers up to me the thorax’s delights
lips ground from her face betwixt our teeth
i raise her perfect and screaming mouth to my own
copulating with feminine viscera
the parts are greater than the sum of the whole
acts of pleasure with expressions of pain…

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