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lirik lagu silent b.g. – b.g

i’m silent b.g. and you know me from thuging
i’m violent b.g. make my money rap hustling

[verse 2]
me and baby virgin thigh he beef when we creeping
swerving yo benz every night no rest and no sleeping
we hustle serious with this rap like we playing in the playoffs
b-tch n-gg-‘s lagging catch the side line and lay-off
we bout that paper lil daddy
we bout that drama lil mama
ask my n-gg-‘s till after the next life living like big tymers
chillin like villains drinkin like a gas tank
before attemptin to check n-gg- thank you should of thank
we tossin these b-tches, but ain’t flossin our riches
buy some t-sh-t with pictures
for my n-gg-s and b-tches still wishing they was here
but they gone not forgotten
but in memory i’m strapped up ridin, you know me n-gg-
bout getting my figga’s bigger n-gg-
and to few i’m ignorant i pull the trigger n-gg-
i’m a 9-1-1 hitter n-gg-
oh oh a thuged out wig splitter n-gg-
trying to sparkle in this world like glitter n-gg-
rolexes up diamonds all over me n-gg-
i’m a thug to i’m rested, play it real til i’m dead
true to my blood no comin between us no matter what n-gg-


[verse 3]
coke dealer, dope dealer
juvenile ain’t no joke n-gg-
f-ck being broke all the way out got you on scope n-gg-
but i cooled off cause now i’m chillin
cause i got this feelin rappin i’m going to make a million
so i do my thang represent and keep it street
you ain’t going to disrespect me cause i will sweep you of your seat
i ain’t goin to stop that late better yet
i’m goin out to get em it’s goin to come through
i ain’t facing in my heart
i ain’t bullsh-ting can’t no nigg
i think with a pen and pad
fade me, juvi, b.g. 13th that where the f-ck i be
from the week loose my high real deep chill on the block
with a glock glock c-cked quit sellin c-ke
f-ck gettin cough, buy the cops but f-ck that
strapped with the chopper or get chopped trust that
i’m drop or get dropped i bust back
cause i’m stop or get stopped so you love that
i’m flip or get flopped that a must black
all 17 come up out the glock
oh that’s a must black, all 50 come out the chop
b-tch n-gg- you bleed i’m bout cheese
you know what i do and that’s how i proceed

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