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lirik lagu sirens wail – jaya the cat


i was freaking out in frisco
when the music came of age
broken gl-ss and blood on the concrete
slice and dice and all that rage
the street kids are painted and scarred
they’re armed and taken aim
when tonite falls like cancer
it’s gonna be one h-ll of a nite

sirens wail on a dead end street
a man without hope is a man without fear
sirens wail armageddon is near
a man without hope is a man who does not care

all the people i’ve looked up to
are all rotten away
like i’ve said to myself a million times
am i the only one who shall remain
when i hit those city streets
all f-cked up in a drunken daze
maybe tomorrow i will try to find some
shelter from this falling rain

fight so hard to live
is it all a waste of a gift
i pray i will find the strength
to live another day