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lirik lagu ska puns suck – the karkadens

gotta gun in my hand and my head in a war
and i’m still not sure what i’m fighting for
but the bullet in my gut has been there long enough
but i’ll never give up

there’s a face in the night looking up at the sky
saying why why why does my love have to die
while i’m laying here of thinking of my one and only wife and putting up a fight
and miles away there’s a tear in her eye
as the last she’d of light fades away from my eyes
still i fight ’til the end of the night when i know i’m gonna die

there’s a lady back home laying cold by the fire
and i want to go home, that’s my only desire
so i fight fight fight ’til the end of night just to be with my wife
in the dark of the night and with all of my might
and what’s left of my life i run for my wife
so i might say goodbye to the love of my life just before i die

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