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lirik lagu skit – lil wayne


you have now reached the end of side a it is time to turn over wait turnover
get a f-ckin cd -sshole so bring your -ss down to f-ckin sound advice buy a
f-ckin cd player go to f-ckin sam goody buy the f-ckin cd stop copying sh-t on
tapes you f-ckin loser and play the sh-t right and if you aint feelin it your
f-cked up your deaf so the sh-t better rattle your f-ckin trunk better make
your f-ckin ear drums bleed better make the neighbors go wow what the f-ck is
that what’s so loud is there another party at the house no it’s f-ckin lil waynes
alb-m rockin this sh-t motherf-cker

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