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lirik lagu slave – tech n9ne


[feat. krizz kaliko & kutt calhoun]

fight the pain
inside the rain
a rebel know, to let the devil go
so now to get paid,
about to be working like a slave

[krizz kaliko:]
i’m kinda good, kinda bad, kinda get money can’t be mad
i’m kinda broke but i’m kinda rich
wishing i had a corner i could put a b-tch in
they ain’t gonna do nothing
they like i’m suffering
food from a baby’s mouth,
then i bought a house for my baby mother and
what’s wrong? i try, don’t matter, still die
i’m strong, but i’m not
when i’m alone, i cry
our for you, it’s hard to do,
i can’t see you so doubt to you
when out my mouth i sprout the news
too much father and out for you
i schemin and they wanna be believein
they feelin so fascist to think i was a heathen
but the last sunday receivin the preachin from the pastor
and even believe in the b-st-rd
but no hades, god’s baby
god made me, a little crazy
and i’m off, i’m gone
my life is my song
what i mean when i sing, still a wing in the prayer
but if i listen to what was written in the description maybe it will get me there
share with the people, i’m swearing in these evils
yea that might be a bang
but if i say i’m the genius and like jesus everybody gonna know my name (cali)

i’ve been working like a slave o’ lord,
and i got tired on this lonesome journey
i done struggled on this road, i’ve been wrong, i know
i know that there’s no peace in my shelter

[kutt kalhoun:]
i need reperation due to devestation
from this state of present situation
listen, it’s not easy, to walk a narrow path and mock jesus
it’s hard when your family wonderin
when you gonna make enough to stop leavin
stop breathing for a minute cause it’s hard
lotta fish you in em mars, tryna get you
when them haters right behind you wanna shove a double barrel sawed off and u in em
what can i do to stop the catastrophe
n-gg-rs after me and b-tches after me
wanna have my baby, listen n-gg-r lately
trials and tribulations tackle me
my mama think i made it, she feeling me lately
proud of her only son born
my kids think i’m the greatest
how can i not display it
smile feelin like a funion
salty and all (you’ll be)
knockin da stall (crying)
larger than the call (truly)
no denying
ain’t n-body gonna do it for me
for the mood i let it drive me insane
solicitation of a prost-tute
because you a hoe and you playin this game
but it’s okay, i am gon ride till i triumph
cause everybody once upon a time was a slave
this is kalhoun


[tech n9ne:]
i work, i play,
and i drink booze every day
dranking em up on the blues i’m a say
used in the way
fools run astray
alla, god, jesus, jah somebody please help me
mama got a problem with diabeties
it don’t seem healthy
everything depends on nina
fame hidden dante’s seen ya
got a n-gg-r thinking some’a the fans i’m makin with
well they wanna do me like a celina
devil actin like a hyena
loosing all the good in my demeanour
i don’t want the girls that go
but sho befo ya know i gota go and shorty i seen ya
tryna stay good with the ol’ lady
my mom made me go crazy
no time for my poor baby
so don’t let a motherf-cker play me
when i say if you pay me
even though i’m getting money
you can still see i’m hungry like i’m in haiti
what am i to do, what am i to you
b-tt alott i’m cool
but i’m not amused?
can’t you see, i’m strapped not free
from ya’ll, i’m sick
my bodys hot
if in this pressure, don’t let up
this will prolly stop for tech nina