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lirik lagu slaves on dope – bad language

“this kinda goes like dynamite knack’s boys in the hood”

i woke up won morning almost o.d’ed and died. i should of told my mom i put
crack in my fish fry. got drunk last night, started to preach. about a volley
ball playa named holly mcpeach. she was a pretty hot girl with double d’s and
always smoked pot with brad and me. then one day she screwed up my car. then
started making out with steve savard. i yelled at her threw her out my house
and said that she was a dirty mouse. slapped that b—- and she ran away saying
what the h-ll is wrong with j???……….. chorus: were slaves on dope, dont
like the folk if you mess with us will never ever cope. got a bunch of thugs in
the back if you coo wid them will start to mack……i had a little kid his name
was john. liked to play around all the time. ate chicken in the house with my
dad. always thought his grandma was pretty phat. i got kinda mad at him one
day. when he told his dad that i was gay. took him in the shed gave him a
beaten. now he never knows how to greet me. i !
told him once to not make fun of me then a tornado swept him up and he hit a
tree. i felt so good for the very next day. so i sung this song that doesn’t
mean hay. cus most this cr-p is really fake except that i enjoy the movie called
half-baked……. repeat chorus 1 more time!

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