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lirik lagu slayeress of kings – anael

cycle has come to another end,
macha’s birds chant for regicide

the ancient oath must be fullfilled,
before his spirit’s candle grows faint
the blood of kings tonight shall be spilled
before his vigour shows a first stain

sharpen the blade, crescent of lunar silver,
h-rns of the minotaur
rite of the axe, key to her labyrinth,
mingle eternally
cast down to sleep, all those who reign,
in ruinous decadence
great ivory queen, shall ride the beast,
once again


“descend into the void, where threefold mater
thrones in solitude”
-to dance towards the monolith,
great mother reaps his divine soul,-
-to dance the spiral outward with
a grain divine for a king reborn-
“arise again from nothingness, to bear the
primordial fate”
the stones begin to sing their song of vengeance
the h-rn-crowned scapegoats govern far too long
the peasants sweep clean the battlefields and
the children of night behead all horizons

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