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lirik lagu slight of hand – sleep serapis sleep


this city’s broke up, shut down
it is the last to give up on itself
oh how it mocks those who succeed where it failed
oh how it’s pride quells it’s reason

grind your teeth; gasp for air
let’s fight for what we hold dear
we won’t be held, submerged under fear
what good is this scream, if there’s no one to hear?

don’t you think your ignorance has cost us all enough?
outrage, offense; say it like you mean it
that’s right, now we’re here
to pick up the pieces of the lives shattered in your wake

fearless, but searching… make your way to self-discovery
cut to the heart of these rhythms and melodies
then, curse us again

let my voice be the fire by which your blood is boiled
let this onslaught wring the fear straight from your bones

why can’t you admit that it’s your failures that frighten you?

animated truth spews forth from our throats
it takes you by yours, overlooked no more

you’ll stop at nothing
to feel nothing