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lirik lagu smokin’ my dro – lil’ wyte


-chorus- -2x-
all i wanna do is smoke my dro, b-tch,
sit on the couch get high, get throwed, b-tch,
or in the car, windows cracked, gettin loaded,
i’m representin everybody out there smokin..

-verse 1- [lil wyte]
roll it up, fire it up, chief it up, i’m ready to get f-cked up,
soon as i get control of the dro, i’m ready to feel the stuff,
light green marijuana, been tellin me how it wanna,
go get up with a swisha, split the middle, and bone her,
i feel that i should get at least one commercial from king edward,
i been smokin these blunts so long and look where my future’s headin,
i feel that dro work like wheaties to rappers that are intelligent,
smoke you one, and hit the mic, the rest of the sh-t is irrelevent,
a lot of sh-t’s happened since the last time you heard my alb-m,
and i ain’t talkin about no acid, oxycontins, or valiums,
i’m talkin about my sells, all the sh-t i’ve seen, and the green i’ve smoked,
i’ll be goin back to california, but for now i quote..

-chorus- -2x-

-verse 2- [dirt bag]
smoke like a jamaican,
wildly reefer i’m cravin,
i know i should be savin,
but i’m blazin, i’m blazin,
feelin like i’m amazin,
mary keepin me phasin,
sometimes i mix it with girly girly just for the tastin,
just a scoop and a half of onion and you be sp-cin,
miami boy with that dade county lacin,
dirt bag and lil wyte, you d-mn right,
hypnotize minds epidemically keep it hype,
buckle up and catch flight,
i could take you to the stars,
where is the bud?
it’s in the car,
ohhh my god,
different flavors and colors,
and i’m smokin em all by the blunt, mother f-cker..

-chorus- -2x-