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lirik lagu smugglers – an cat dubh

c g c f c g
the boat rides south of ailsa craig in the waning of the light
f g c a f g
there’s thirty men in lendalfit to make our burden light
c g c f c g
and there’s thirty horse in hazleholm with the halters on their heads
f g c a f g c
all set this night upon your life if wind and water speed.
a c
smugglers drink of the frenchmens wine
a c g
and the darkest night is the smugglers time
f c a
away we ran from the excise man
c f
it’s a smugglers life for me
c g c
it’s a smugglers life for me

oh l-ss you have a cozy bed, and cattle you have ten
can you not live a lawful life and live with lawful men?
but must i use old homely goods while there’s foreign gear so fine?
must i drink at the waterside and france so full of wine
though well i like to see you kate, with a baby on your knee
my heart is now with gallant crew that plough through the angry sea
the bitter gale, the tightest sail, and the sheltered bay or goal
it’s the wayward life, it’s the smugglers strife, it’s the joy of the smugglers soul
and when at last the dawn comes up and the cargo safely stored
like sinless saints to church we’ll go, god’s mercy to afford
and it’s champagne fine for communion wine and the parson drinks it too
with a sly wink prays forgive these men, for they know not what they do

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