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lirik lagu so bring it on – the cheetah girls

you do your best to write off my name
try to control me but that’s gonna change
if you look closer you’ll know what i mean
you’ll see the girl become a machine

i’ll squeeze you, unease you, i’ll freeze you
alarm you, disarm you, i’ll charm you
i’ll block you, unlock you, i’ll shock you
you wanna fight then we’ll do it my way

so bring it on
i’ll have you wrapped around my finger
so bring it on
when i start wearing you thin you’ll know for sure
so bring it on
i don’t wanna get dangerous put down your fists its over with

so listen up ’cause you ain’t messin’ with me anymore

my invitation is not just a game
i gotta show you that i can’t be claimed
i’ve got the power to turn this around
’cause it’s my life and i wear the crown


[chorus 2x]

i won’t loose sleep tonight ’cause i got what i need inside
it’s time you see the light so spotlight shine your light down on me


[chorus 2x]

so listen up ’cause you ain’t messin with me-

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