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lirik lagu so sexy – olivia

oh… ah, ha
yeah… ah, ha… mmm

[verse 1:]
makin’ love while the rain is fallin’
touch me, gently
you know me, don’t care who’s watchin’
all day, all night, close your eyes & find my body
whisper to me that you want it

baby, baby
heart be pounding when you near me
feel so weak i need you wit’ me
when i think of s-xy, i think of you

wanna know can you keep it up
cause tonight i’m fellin oh so s-xy
in the mood for makin’ love
wide open, look at how you got me
can’t wait ’til i get ya home
need to feel your body wrapped around me
gotta know can you keep it up
cause tonight i’m feelin’ oh so s-xy

[verse 2:]
let go, let love, you want it so don’t try to fight it
it’s just you, it’s just us, that’s the way i know you like it
slowly, so deep, boy look what you up & started
don’t you even think of stoppin’



[bridge 2:]
just as soon as we hit the door
our close are off & on the floor
i can’t help feelin’ the way i do, about you
my neck, my back, i’m sick & red
don’t think we’ll make it to the bed
can’t help it, i get off on you

[chorus x3]

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