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lirik lagu society – epitome of frail

frightening voices calling out my name
something’s pushing and grabbing after me
around tight corners in between
i’m lying
as i try to scream

so i grow up
with a view, no-one had before

i see society
i see the misery

and so i wake up
with hate in my core

i see society
and i see memories
of the death

i am a child
with the age of twelve
start consuming nicotine for my own health
i am a teenie, i am sixteen
start taking drugs now
cause i can’t find another way to escape
the mist of idiocy
makes them all blind
the dust in their souls is eating through their minds
i’m getting older
and all i see
are mindless zombies
taking pills on the streets
out of hatred
i’d like to quit
cuz look at our society, it’s a piece of sh-t

there’s no worth
for the truth
because no-one cares

there’s no hope
for all
just look at yourselves!


no voice, no choice, but giving up
but please – stop haunting, let me out
what are they doing to me?
and i realize, as i start to breathe
to breathe

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