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lirik lagu sold out – dorrough

“sold out”

and now, for our feature presentation!

woah deah! [x6]
uh huh! it’s goin’ down!
cause right
now! it’s darrough music!

ha! ha! yo!
man hol’ up (ayyy!)
my car went from ice cream paint to fruit roll up. (yaa!)
they hatin’ on me, so what!? (so what!)
the game i’m ’bout to sew up! (sew up!)
i’m already famous after ‘dis i’m ’bout to blow up!
i’m sick from all ‘dis money in the club, i’m ’bout to throw up!
a couple thousand dollas make the women sweep the flo’ up! (haaaa!)
i’m gucci from my tow up! (oh!)
the liquor got me to’ up! (oh!)
the club promoters give me ten thousand just to show up! (yeah!)
yo! i’m sn-tchin’ cars like a tow truck! (take it!)
yo’ money short we tell you get big n-gg-, grow up! (yeah!)
i rep tha’ triple d and down here we like to pour up! (huh!)
them n-gg-s steal out style, turn around and try and show up! (so what?)
but we been doin’ this forever long! (uh huh!)
way this b-ss h-ttin’ don’t forget to turn the treble on! (d-mn!)
why listen to haters he or she was probably nevah’ on!(uh huh!)
just listen to me right now i’m hotter than the devil’s home! (ayyy!)
and i be smokin’ on this popcorn!
the show about to start so grab a seat and bring ya’ popcorn! (yeah!)
when you see my cd, get it!, won’t be there for long! (uh uh!)
come and see me in yo’ city cause when i leave girl i’m gone! (uh huh!)

[hook (x2)]
woah deah, woah deah (haaaa!)
woah deah, woah deah (haaaa!)
woah deah, woah deah (haaaa!)
woah deah, we already sold out!
sold out [x7]
(heeeey! ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay)

back when i was 17, used to work at mickey d’s!
now i’m steady flippin’ cheese (cheeeese) like i work for mickey d’s!
told your girl what she wanted to hear, (say it!) now she believe! (ha!)
took lil’ mama home and swiss beat it up – alicia keys!
i’m just runnin’ game hoes, that’s just how the game go! (game go!)
i be spinnin’ wheels like the wheel of fortune game show! (game show!)
i don’t need a light when it get dark, (what?)the chain glow!
h-ll yeah i’m fly – i get higher than a plane go! (zooooom!)
ever since the day that i stopped hoopin’ i been pimpin’ pens!
now i’m surrounded by these b-tches like i was pimpin’ ken!
lookin’ for a bubble b-tt, tryin’ to bust a couple nuts!
beat the p-ssy up like i was throwin’ hooks and uppercuts!
goin’ in swingin’ (swingin’) yeah swingin’! (uh huh!)
status went platinum (platinum!)still ain’t changin’! (ah ha!)
can’t n-body lie i keep kenwoods bangin! (boom!)
and i don’t need an introduction b-tch you know tha’ name! (yeaaa!)
so go on let me (what?) get it (get it!) get it! (get it!)
mr. hit that ho!
the rapper i ain’t gold you better hope that i can fit that ho! (ha ha!)
i said it once befoe’ but this time i had to emphasize!
it’s my turn you other n-gg-s better get in line!

[hook (x2)]
woah deah, woah deah (haaaa!)
woah deah, woah deah (haaaa!)
woah deah, woah deah (haaaa!)
woah deah, we already sold out!
sold out [x7]
(heeeey! ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay)

ha! uh
yes sir! [x5]
yeah! welcome to the alb-m!
get big!

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