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lirik lagu solipsism – and oceans

extraction from o’mindiary

when i was younger (a naive christian
with thoughts like melting sugar)
my fingers were attacked by
nails and i could hear the voice of
j.c. screaming under my skin,
trapped like a slave in my flesh. this
was in those days when water flew in
my veins, the rain kept on pouring
inside my head and i denied & killed
him (not with scissor nor knives, but
with the inner muscles of my
torso). the rumor says that the
b-st-rd was raped by the cross, but
maybe he was a hermaphrodite who
raped himself.
…det vitala med perpetuella varandet
är att vara transparent existerande…
i understood that this mental traffic
was a new symbol burned in my
mind, like planets in orbit around me
i was stading in the centre with the
sun in my pocket thinking: existence
is an illusion, mankind will face the
mushroom cloud, but i am i, the
ultimate god.

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