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lirik lagu sombody slap me – john anderson


i’ve found a girl who’s got her own money
she’s so good lookin’ that it ain’t funny
she’s got a self-and-beauty school diploma
a runnin’ up to miss oklahoma
she looks uptown but she ain’t really
she’s into football she likes my chilli

somebody slap me i said somebody slap me
can’t be this happy i said somebody slap me

i’ve found a girl who’s sweeter than honey
she pets my dog and she likes my buddies
the kind of girl who ain’t afraid of nothing
she’s independent she does her own plumbing
her daddy’s rich but she don’t let it show
she likes to fish she’s got her own boat y’all

somebody slap me…
[ guitar ]
she’s got long blonde hair and her eyes are blue
she wants a husband but not any time soon y’all

somebody slap me…
somebody slap me…