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lirik lagu somebody for me – heavy d

(feat. al. b sure!)

oh yeah…

love somebo-dy…

[al b. sure! harmonizes]

[chorus x2: al b. sure!]
love somebo-dy who loves me for me
happy hap-py where i wanna be

[heavy d:]
i’ll search low, and i’ll search high
tryin to find myself a cutie pie
but destiny leads me to a dead end
(love somebo-dy) over and over and over again
they told me to wait, so i waited
antic-p-ted, debatin and delayed it
but still came up with the same ol’ thing
… nothing! (nothing, nothing…)
it seems as if every time i find a right girl
she turns out to be a big wrong girl
tell me y’all, when will this madness stop?
(stop, stop, stop, stop…)
i want somebody to love me for me
not because i’m mc, heavy d.
i’m looking for a love that’s as solid as a rock
(rock, rock, rock, rock…)

[chorus x2: w/ heavy d saying “for me”]

[heavy d (al b. sure!):]
now maybe i’ll take a trip around the world
and find myself a beautiful, gorgeous girl
they say when you look, one never find
they also say that love is blind
it ain’t that blind that i can’t see
somebody out there who’s perfect for me
somebody who’s gonna love me, for me…
(i know you want love…)
love, that’s what i’m talkin about
a relationship, a commitment
something to live for…
(maybe if you take, your time…)
time has been taken and time has been spent
now it’s time for the lover to score…

[chorus x2]

[instrumental for about 17 seconds]

[chorus x2]

yo, eddie f. break it down!

[instrumental for about 34 seconds as heavy d ad-libs]

[heavy d:]
yeah… aight, here we go
so that’s the storyline of my life
no cutie pie, no future wife
just relationships that bounce back like rubber…
(“yo, word to the m-th-!”)
i guess i’ll call it a day and throw my towel in
’cause it seems that i can’t win
so i’ll just carry on being an overweight lover
(“word… to… m-th-!”)

[chorus: until fade]

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