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lirik lagu something stupid’s going on – sasha


everytime you call on the phone
you hit my heart it’s pumpin’
thinking that i did something wrong

everytime you knock on my door
i know just what you’re thinkin’
maybe i’m inside with someone

why don’t you just give it a rest
just hold on -stop- you’re buggin’ me
always thinkin’ i’m outta line

you keep on putting me to the test
don’t you know -i’m gonna go- for sure
if you keep on playing with my mind

something stupid’ s going on
i know our love is wrong
can’t we see where we belong
you better think about
it’s time to stop — before we go too far

pulling us apart and you don’t
realise — what you’re doing
calling me on just for a fight

if you think that i’m a dishonest guy
what the h-ll – are you still doing here
picking on me cannot be right

if you think that i don’t know where you’re at
you got – another thing coming
ownership ain’t part of the deal

jealousy don’t get you nowhere
i thought that you knew better
what you’re doing just isn’t real

music: michael b. & di lorenzo
lyrics: michael b., di lorenzo & pete smith