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lirik lagu something you should know – mac dre

ah, ah, ah. wha…

when i got the phone call i was rollin on the interstate
“dre have you ate yet? hows bout a dinner date? ”
hmm? i don’t know, lemme check my schedgy
i’m free at 8:30 pick me up when your redgy

hopped out the chevy, so i can freshen up
rolled the sack in the back and threw my weapon up
pored a gl-ss of 7up and ate a quick snack
salami and swiss piled on a ritz crack
called the c-nt b-tch back “w-ssup alice? ”
she got the madder said “my name’s not alice! ”
“alright alice, pick me up from my palace. i live in westlin, i know you know where that is”
“that’s where my dad lives, be there in a jiffy”
threw on some one fifties and my red ken griffy
t-shirt crispy, i’m dipped as usual
shaved with the andis electric reusable
threw in my removable iced out grill
so when i spit my spill is chilly chill
i’m really i’ll, really feel, really mac-ish
i’m waiting fo the b-tch and i’m puffin on some cat p-ss
“d-mn, where you at b-tch” i started thinkin
baby pulls up in a aviator lincoln
grab me thumb tank cause they won’t catch me leaking
cause punks hangin tryin to bang
every weekend

i started speakin “that’s a h-lla’of car” i said “where we eating” she said “the elephant bar”
ta h-ll if we are, i’d rather benny hannas”
she said “what’s that for? ” i said “for any drama”
now look little mama is a quarter to ten
can’t be out all night
i gotta stop when the song end

at the restaurant i’m feelin like the man
spoke japan gave me mugu guy pan
ate, drank, got full an burped
i said “allright you beezy it’s time to curt”

dipped to her spot that was tucked in the cut
put d-ck thru the tock
and i busted the nut
then i busted the nut one mo’ gain
then i busted the nut on the hoe chin
now here we go again
another fiasco
i’m diggin her out, while i’m playen with her -ss hole

f-ck bein bashful, baby i’m a pash pro
she said “dre i’ll give you anythin you ax fo'”
you got cl-ss hoe
now look
pay close attention i’m gonna sing the hook:

befound i give you some mo'(befound i give you some mo’)there’s something that you must know(there’s something that you must know)i’m a pimp and i got hoes(i’m a pimp and i got hoes)can’t f-ck fo free no mo’, no mo’, no mo

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