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lirik lagu somewhere tropical – ballyhoo!


it’s so nice to see you, baby
i heard that you were asking about me
that’s so funny, ’cause i was asking about you
let’s get away from the stormy weather
somewhere that n-body will ever know our face
you look so beautiful
don’t you ever change a thing

a sudden revelation
it might sound crazy but maybe
let’s take a vacation

cancel all of your plans, girl
we’re going somewhere tropical
i promise i will take care, girl
’cause it might seem illogical

no one can interrupt us when the sun comes up
’cause all the 9 to 5’s are working
swimming the coral reef, making love on the beach
oh, girl, i wanna spend the summer with you

ain’t it nice in the sunshine, baby?
the ocean looks a million mirrors of your love
and i must say that i’m happy that you’re here
it’s ok, you don’t have to speak ’cause i’m
really digging on you
and i hope i don’t wake up
summer dreams eternally

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