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lirik lagu spanish horses – aztec camera

words and music by roddy frame

ran a redlight
running lonely
through gaudi’s soft confusion
hey, hey my barcelonian
such a gentle jones
running through my bones
placa reial calls
it calls, it calls
it calls the night home.

and then her eyes
like spanish horses
danced alive as language died
they danced
like spanish horses
as saddened skies
descended on the night
we saw two ships set sail
and the lights danced

on the water, they danced
they danced
like spanish horses

trying to exorcise
the thought that daytime dies
race, run and stumble
fall into dark
see the fire, see the spark
then you fall, then you fall
so free and humble
you tumble.


you’re born from bl–dy revolution
you’re lost to simplicity
and small solutions
so you burn
when you’re born
then you burn
burn, burn…

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