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lirik lagu sparrows – anathallo

i awoke from a dream.
i was flying home.
the wind wailed on my wings, and my strength was waning.
and i knew wherefrom rescue would come, but i scarcely called.
then the sun’s rays fell upon me there.
raining, reigning…(and to the ground) a sobering descent.
from the dust i’m sure my voice was heard on desolate heights, weeping (jeremiah 3: 21).
\”break up your fallow groundand do not sow among th-rns\” (jeremiah 4: 3).
\”you shall call me, \”my father,\” and not turn away from me\” (jeremiah 3: 19).
as my father has cared for me to this end (matthew 10: 29-31),
how much more will he care for you?
o israel, return (jeremiah 3&4).

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