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lirik lagu spell check – lil’ kim

[20 seconds of instrumental to open]

[lil’ kim]
i’m the lil to the kim
and not big, rip ba-by
i, rep bk and the, nyc
don’t no b-tch do it like i did
and, since nine-six a chick been on tv
like, mtv and, bet
so trl and, one-oh-six
i’m in heavy ro when they play my sh-t
momma push whips like bm dubs
and your bm trip when she see me in the club
the man, five-oh, i don’t see him in the club
cause he out in the ct with a d-ck in his b-tt
y’all stay ot while i stay oc
that’s, out the country with the ara-b’s
with my girl m to the o to the e
she ride like a soldier, that’s my co-d
i’m “bella” to that death and, don’t ask why
cause the “mafia” is p-ssy
and i’m more n-gg- than them b-tch–ss guys
cause they took the stand, on the da’s side

[chorus: lil’ kim]
i’m the baddest
chick in the game – what the f-ck i gotta spell it out?
i keep it gangsta
what more can i say – what the f-ck i gotta spell it out?
bk’s finest, straight out the stuy
and the girl stay fly – yo what the f-ck i gotta spell it out?
it’s the qu-double-en b-double-e
hoes wanna be me – what the f-ck i gotta spell it out?

[lil’ kim]
i’m in the lamb’ or the ferrari when i’m mia
take the spyder down the strip, when i’m in va
the game slow, gotta put a little work in dc
i ball like i’m wnba’s mvp
on, espn or, nbc
i like it raw like my boy the late odb
stop pullin out them burners on them dvd’s
you gotta body a motherf-cker to, impress me
my boys keep the mac in the suv
and they air somethin out on the, ave
i’m in the benz doin a buck-oh-three
tearin the clutch down on the bqe
get at n-gg-z quick if they try to move me
asap like, tip
you get chopped and screwed, honeygirl don’t play
n-gg- we “ridin’ dirty” like ugk


[lil’ kim]
make a wish when you see me like a falling star
give a lot of y’all careers, cpr
first lady at the top of, rap
i’m on my toe’s gettin that doe
big, mo, mma
no info, for the, dea
federal agents mad cause i’m flagrant
tapped the cell, and the phone in my bas-m-nt
the irs tryin to take my pay
and plus i’m bein spied on by the cia
i locks it, i’m toxic like ddt
my flow get’cha high like pcp
i’m number one downloaded on your mp3
i bang on you n-gg-z like an mpc
i make a n-gg- nut in his dng’s
cause no one do it better than the one qb


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