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lirik lagu spies – alien sex fiend

“i hear you knockin’. i hear yer knockin… i hear you knocking!
i hear you knockin’… ha! ha! ha! heh! heh! heh!
i’m the pied piper… won’t cha follow me?
her handbag – will suffer!
the man shaking… watching us!
almost every day there is damage
plucky old lady!
a funeral wiv her block of flats.
a big result!
blows to the head.
hey pensioner, can this here place live?
accept living!
to be or not 2b,
doesn’t matter,
every nite i go to sleep,
i have a wet dream,
her frosted gob,
spat out the ruderies
yob! yob! yob!
you can stick your f-ckin’
jab! jab! jab! in the arm!
in the arm… there’s no harm
in the arm… there’s no harm
in the arm… there’s no harm
in the arm… there’s no harm
rot! rot!
that’s all you got,
not a lot it’s all you’ve got!
and –
they all come in,
2 by 2,
buy 2 and get one free,
three for four…
five, six, seven, more…
cheque’s in the post…
bodies on the floor…
i use the chimney…
never use the door!
(alright! i’m finished!)
a funeral wiv ‘er block of flats…
i hear you knockin’…
but you can’t come in!
i hear you knockin’
but you can’t come in,
no! no! no! no! no! no!
i hear you knocking
i hear you!
i hear you knocking!”

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