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lirik lagu spittin’ in the mic – bargain music

my mind is out of control
no man could ever help me
why do i go through so much trouble
in this wicked world that’s empty
by the time
i see the sky
i need to get high

d-mn sometimes
i wonder if i should open my wrists
blow the world a kiss
just go to sleep
would that make me a b-tch
would that make me a punk
now that you understand after all this junk
should i put the 380 in my mouth
or should i put the 380 in your mouth
i always thought my uzi weighed a ton
my uzi is my mind
but i only got half a clip left
cause i’ve been drinking myself to death
i sing a song of madness
under sweet or bad times
bad rhymes
one day this old oklahoma cracker told me
dave, a little bit of give a sh-t goes a long, long, long way
now i’ll tell you all ladies and gentlemen
i hated this motherf-cker
but that’s like the greatest single piece of advice i’ve ever gotten in my whole d-mn life
26 years old
not a pot p-ss in
not a leg to stand on
all i got are my rhymes
and the time when i’m spitting into a microphone

ok let’s call this one incident at 62nd place

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