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lirik lagu spoiled – joss stone

i kinda thought that i’d be better off by myself
i’ve never been so wrong before
you made it impossible for me to ever
love somebody else
and now i don’t know what i left you for

see i thought that i could replace you
he can’t love me the way you do
’till now i never knew

i’m spoiled
by your love boy
no matter how i try to change my mind
what’s the point it’s just a waste of time
i’m spoiled by your touch boy
the love you give is just too hard to fight
don’t want to live without you in my life
i’m spoiled

i tried to tell myself that i’d be over you in a week or two
but baby that was ’bout a year ago
i’ve never seen the word love so personified as i do with you
and that is why i just can’t let go, oh no


spoil me

and i would only be fooling myself if i tried to
believe there’s room for someone else in my heart
there ain’t no way i’m getting over you
i don’t know what i’ve been trying to prove
i’m hopeless, helpless when it comes to you


i’ve been spoiled yeah yeah

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