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lirik lagu spoken second – scarlet fade

you sound like you’re going to lose your voice
at any spoken second
and every word i hear is every word i dread
and every word you say gets stuck in my head
it’s not real

you are gonna wake up
you are gonna break up
and it’s gonna feel right
you are gonna freak out
you are gonna break out
and it’s gonna be right

it’s like you cannot believe the sound coming out of my mouth
and every word you say is every debt i pay every time i say get out of my way
away from here

if it’s true then believe it and hope that it is better off when everything falls into place in time. (2x)

and at any spoken second
you are going to loose your voice
and every time i try to tell you
you’re causing too much noise
i wish i couldn’t hear you
it’s got to be true

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