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lirik lagu stan lives! (skit) – canibus

stan lives! (skit)

[driving car]

[bliss:] “hey, yo loo, what time is the flight man?”
[loo:] “we got 30 minutes to get to the airport, man, heck you should drive a little faster”
[bliss:] “what! i’m already doing above”

[stan’s car p-sses them]

[loo:] “the f-ck’s the matter with this guy?”
[2pak:] “crazy motherf-cker”
“damm, slow down”
[bliss:] “who’s he tryna’ catch?”
[loo:] “i dunno, but if he don’t slow down, he might-”

[stan’s car skids and crashes off a bridge]

“wow! sh-t!”
[loo:] “see that?!”
[bliss:] “god damm! yo, that n-gg- just drove over the bridge! yo pak! yo, slow down man!”
[2pak:] “yo, bliss man, we gotta make this flight man, we got 60 g’s on the show”
[bliss:] “yo, somebody’s in there, yo, pull over pak!”
[2pak:] “yo, i’mma call 911, to son”
[bliss:] “man, if we don’t do sumthing man, they gonna’ drown!”

[bliss gets out if the car]

[2pak:] “yo, bliss man, what are you doin?”
[bliss:] “i gotta go, yo i gotta go rescue them”
[2pak:] “c’mon bliss!”
[loo:] “yo, don’t worry about bliss man, he a good swimmer son, he knows what he’s doing”

[stan is gasping for air]

[bliss:] “yo, is he breathing?”
[bliss:] “yo, i dunno, yo loo, quick man, get me a sweater so i can put it underneath his neck”

[ambulance sirens]

[ambulance person:] “thank you, now could you ease step to the side”
[talks through radio] “we have a 53-11, i repeat, a 53-11, our eta is 7 minutes”

[ambulance person:] “we’ll take it from here, what’s his name?”
[2pak:] “we dunno, we was just right behind him and he just drove off the f-cking bridge!”
[2pak:] “yo bliss, we gunna miss our flight man, we gotta leave now!”
[bliss:] “yo, excuse me, how far is the hospital from here?”
[ambulance person:] “5 minutes, i need you to come to the hospital and fill out a report”
[bliss:] “ok, ok, yo, i’ll just catch up with y’all at the airport”

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