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lirik lagu standard issue – smartbomb

wake up man, it’s time to reform. it’s time to realize.
it’s time to open up your f-cking eyes.
the average citizen is not something you want to be.
you’re standard issue,
you’re losing control, you’re losing your grip on reality.
make amends with your rents you don’t have to do a lot.
meet demands at the same time make some friends.
materialism is hwy you breed.
get a good job so you can buy sh-t that you don’t need.
exemplify your god given right.
spend your money, spend your time,
spend your soul until you’ve spent your life.
you’re standard issue, you’ve lost your f-cking mind.
you’re losing your ability to see.
daily grind, 9-5 while you’re running out of time.
with your morals out of line, you’re an -sshole and that’s life…
is not a thing to take lightly.
united nations, men and women
falling through the cracks of social politics foundation.
fear and religion is what you’ll never question.
you’ve lost your f-cking mind, your morals out of line.
got no sense, just inflated pride average citizen.
you’ve lost your f-cking mind, your morals out of line.
get a grip on reality, f-ck your pride, f-cking your dignity.

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