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lirik lagu stanley park – aoife o’donovan


see that gull on the old sea wall
some birds fly and others fall asleep
to the beating of their wings
as wind sings, the wind sings

see that babe at her mother’s breast
if i could i’d take my rest
back in the belly from where i came
n-body knows my name, knows my name

half asleep in a bowl of gruel
no one told me life was cruel
my home is in this valley now
and it’s burning down, it’s burning down

if i find the fire escape
i’ll break the gl-ss and put on my cape
i’ll pretend i’m superman
where are my friends? where are my friends?

i’m a poor wayfarer and
i got no one to dry my eyes
time to lay this body down
in the frozen ground, the frozen ground

when i die lord bring me back
as a snow white gull i’ll make my tracks
on the sandy beach of the english bay
then i’ll fly away, i’ll fly away