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lirik lagu star waterfall – catharsis

[mission / ischenko, avlasenko, jeff]

do you remember he times that are left behind
thousands and thousands of long eons ago…
stars streaming down, skies hanging low…
your tender skin next to mine…

what’s the price of laughter and your tears?
let the headsman calculate the cost.

[bridge i]
oh, how i wish that i could unite
with stars waterfall in your eyes open wide…

[chorus i, ii, iii]
your way to heaven
is as long as life
let god of life
embrace the sun to save it’s light…

hear the bells of hope and expectations –
can you tell me the price of that sweet sound?

[bridge ii]
you can’t refuse – the choice will remain
with you – what to loose, what to gain…

[bridge iii]
can’t live without her,
it’s n-body’s fault…
decision was yours under stars waterfall…

[chorus iv]
doubts and regrets
the wind will blow away
first morning rays
will light the faith in your life again…

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