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lirik lagu starting over – aces over kings

i? m having my doubts
bad thoughts are running through my brain
i said this wouldn? t
happen to me
i feel the dark cloud
coming over my head
it? s not supposed to rain today
at least that? s what he said

i know. i believe. i? m scared

this will be the last time
that i talk to you
know in my heart
that it? s not true
hope is the hardest
when it? s all that you have
my vision
is turning blue

i know i? m safe
cause you hold me in your hands
why do i regress?
i? ll never understand
like angels and demons
pulling on my heart
please save me
i? m quite a baby

so much has changed in my life
i can see more clear
than before
i want all that life has to offer
even when i know
that it? s wrong

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