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lirik lagu stealing from a thief – anthrax

don’t want a life like my parents had
don’t want a life like my rich friends have
don’t want to live by -ssociation
don’t want to live the great maybe
i want a life not a name online
i want to live it in real time
i want a life just so i can be
i never asked what was in it for me

stealing from a thief
my humanity
i know my name, i know my pain
i know my frequency
dancing with the beast

as a kid i’d play make believe
as a man i play make believe
as a kid i’d do anything
as a man i do everything

i live my life centered and humane
i live my life like a man insane

i get up, i get up and go
i grab a hold and reach way down
to find something that i really believe
i don’t need to console myself
if i don’t like what i see

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