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lirik lagu steamroller – rupee

[verse 1]
de way you shake dat b-mpa
girl can’t believe my eyes
i’m under pressure
and i’m hypnotized
like a steamroller
spinning round and round
rotate your waist girl
and let me see you

steamroll your b-mper round and round
steamroll it when you hear de sound
maaaake everybody go insane
shake it like a steamroller train

[verse 2]
shake your bonita
bonita appleb-m
from left to right
like a pendulum
girl steamroll it
on the train track
spin your waistline
and let me see you


all aboard
oh my laaawd
steamroll it like a bungi cord
bounce around den make it hard
milkshake dem boys tuh the yard

when the whistle blows
wine and stick touch your toes
get low lips tight eyes closed
all de back b-mper exposed

[chorus 2x]

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