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lirik lagu steel drivin’ man – arrogant worms


special guest vocalist, mike’s dad: bob mccormick
(mike’s dad appears courtesy of mike’s mom)

there once was a time when the country was wide. a time before cars and planes and minivans. so, to move things from one place to the other, the railroad was built. but it just didn’t up and bui
self. nope, it was built by the railroad men. and among these men was a man among men among men among men among men among men, a man as tall as the sky and as wide as the land. a man who could l
ack faster than anyone else could run. a man with the strength of ten men. his name was john henry, and i’m not gonna sing about him. no, i’m gonna sing about a lesser know figure, one who doesn
serve a song. a man as lazy as a thousand men. a man who could barely raise his own body off the ground. a man who was barely a man at all. his name was mike mccormick.

mike mccormick was a steel drivin’ man
who never really gave a d-mn
only thing he worked on was his tan
mike mccormick was a steel drivin’ man

he’d get up in the morning to hammer in them spikes
unless he’d been up drinking the previous night
or if his bones weren’t feeling right
or if it looked like it was going to rain