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lirik lagu still alive – alkemyst

hear us call, need an answer now!
you might find it beyond…
“no one’s beyond, we killed our gods”
so the answer is lost…
what are we here for?
hoping for a piece of paradise
praying… kneeling…

“for the time has come”
to open our eyes!
free our mind
and scream!

we’re living like dogs
we crawl, our values were sold
slavery: that the price we’re gonna pay
our power… wasted

“for the time has come”
to build a new world,
free our mind
and scream!

as i know the truth, i won’t be saved
then i won’t be d-mned
i’m my own master i’ll never accept to surrender
in the depths of my head
always proud,
a voice is still screaming
i’m still alive

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