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lirik lagu still gettin’ whoopins – emmanuel hudson

(with phillip hudson)

i’m mad (still gettin whoopins)
got a full mustache (still gettin whoopins)
not funny, don’t laugh (still gettin whoopins)
my girlfriend screamin’ “that’s sad” (why you still gettin whoopins?)
i just turned 20 (still gettin whoopins)
soph-m-re in college (still gettin whoopins)
i got bruises on my body ’cause i’m still gettin whoopins
got me runnin’ out the house yellin’ (still gettin whoopins)

[verse 1:]
she got switches, belts, all of the above
she ain’t got no heart, ’cause she don’t show no love
i never lock the door, see my mama is a thug
scrubba-dub-dub, she’ll whoop me in the tub
with the lights on
lights off
she’ll whoop me everyday, no time, no nights off
catch me with an att-tude lookin’ real mean
(why?) ’cause my mama knocked my lights out
man, you don’t love me shawty
and that’s a well known fact
i know why it’s cold outside
’cause all the heat’s on my back
tellin’ me you love me, don’t give me that line
’cause you lyin’
it hurts me way more than it hurts you
i mean i’m the one cryin’


[verse 2:]
everyday is a get murked day
wake up in the mornin’ gettin’ licks, ain’t even my birthday
and she whoop me in the worst way
but i ain’t did nothin’ wrong in the first place
she keep hittin’ me ’cause the tears don’t drop
and when they do fall, then she tellin’ me to stop
i start shakin’ when i hear the belt pop
now she kickin’ down my door yellin’ “pants, drop”
get smacked for the truth, smacked when i’m lyin’
ain’t hit yet, but i’m already cryin’
lookin’ for a spot to where i can start hidin’
belts and cords is the only thing she buyin’
i ain’t nothin’ wrong, i ain’t did nothin’ stupid
but i still got a body full of bruises
not to mention i forgot to do the dishes
now i’m outside pickin’ out switches


[verse 3:]
forreal mom, this is not how you should be treatin’ me
grown a man mom, why is you still beatin’ me?
i tried to tell you that i cleaned the kitchen up last time
you got me lookin’ at the whelps you put on me from past times
i’m tired of gettin’ whoopins
my skin and my feelings hurt
i’m gonna pray for you next time you lay your hands on me in church
you swattin’ at my back like i’m some kind of fly
and you hit me in that spot, the one that make me do the silent cry


[philip:] mmm mmm mmmm….why you still gettin’ whoopins?
[emmanuel:] you sound just like my girlfriend…..

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