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lirik lagu still in love with my ex – kelly rowland

ex (yeah)
ex (kelly and yung texxus)
ex (yeah)

i never thought that we would break up for the better
should’ve never made the promises to each other
so many things i should’ve said that you didn’t know
coming in from a past with a heavy load

but i knew that you were a good man
give me love, you were faithful – it showed on my hand
i know there are questions in your mind you don’t understand
through the words of this song, i wanna answer them

honesty (check)
conversation (check)
a shoulder i can lean on anytime i’m feeling stressed (check)
good loving (yes)
the perfect soldier (yes)
was about to say “i do,” when i know it wasn’t meant
so i

[1] – search in my mind, trying to figure it out
and thought i was happy but i’m having some doubts
think i found the answer and i know i must confess
i’m still in love with my ex
and i wasn’t ready when i said that i loved you
and in my heart, i know that i gotta tell you
i shouldn’t have gone from a situation to the next
i’m still in love with my ex

every moment that i stayed, i dug a deeper hole
i was with you but my heart wouldn’t let him go
all my family told me, “kelly he’s the one for you”
i know your family love me and i love them too

(i’m so sorry) i’m so sorry for the pain i put you through
but you shouldn’t have to suffer cause i’m confused
so much for looking forward to future plans
lost the love of my life and i lost a friend

good to me (yes)
security (yes)
you were all the things i wanted
checking everything (check, check)
you were comforting (yes)
romantic man (yes)
how could i have said “i do,” when i knew it wasn’t meant
so i

[repeat 1]

[kelly (yung texxus)]
(i don’t know why you’re telling me all this now)
i’ve gotta own this
i’ve gotta own this game
(yeah, i ain’t the one you chose)
i can’t believe i’m saying this..
saying sorry is the hardest part
(yeah.. aye, it’s yung texxus)

[yung texxus]
from make-up’s to break-up’s
his and her jacob’s
mi amore got issues galore, sure
we was all good-good, and it was all good-good
now i’m reading old love letters (d-mn)
my homies looking at me like, “you know better”
but i’m reminiscing so i had to consider
did she go hard for me? (yes)
take a charge for me? (yes)
turn her head when them other hoes was callin’ me? (yes)
i can’t lie, when she left she took a part of me
part of me want her back but part of me can’t pardon she (nope)
call it foolish pride but sh-t, who am i?
i made my mistakes, tossed my dirt to the side
er’time we meet i see the hurt in her eyes
cause i’m an ex-friend, ex-homey, ex-lover
so stop the phone calls, voicemails, etc.
shawty keep the ring, forget the day i ever met ya

[repeat 1]

ex (ex)

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