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lirik lagu storm coming – gnarls barkley

i could paint a picture with a pen
but a song will only scratch the skin
and there are still places i haven’t been
because i know what’s in there is already in the air

oh yeah, there’s a storm on the way
there’s a storm on the way, alright
there’s a storm on the way, uh huh
and it’s comin’ no matter what i say
(and i come, i come, i come, i come)

hey, hey, hey, there’s truth in the thunder
love in the lightning, the feeling is frightening
yeah, isn’t it exciting?
i’m something like stormy weather
if i weren’t we would never
huddle together, do i have to tell you
that i’m also the sunlight, that shines shortly after?
i just rain cause i have to, on to another chapter
i wish you lots of laughter
til the next time you see me
just remember you need me, i’m the storm coming
(and i come, i come, i come, i come)
oh c’mon (and i come, i come, i come, i come), c’mon

run towards the hills to avoid the high flood
i can do a dance that’ll make the sky cry blood
skills provoke, and seals will be broken open
all that’s left to do is try my love, wooooooh

when i sing it’s a cyclone
i’m writing a raging sea
searching for a sign of life
is it safe to say it’s me?
listen to our lives
the wind will whisper the way it is
i am going to happen, what a lovely day it is
don’t ask why
just live, and, die

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