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lirik lagu stranger – april belcher

theres a girl walking down the street.
she looks just like you and me
and i call out her name again
even though i never mean too.
she turns around, and
theres a stanger looking out of her eyes.
and i look away, when i realized
that the thing i was looking for
has gone missing.
i used to laugh at you cause you were always on time.
you used to yell at me cause i was always changing my mind.
and i cant help but belive
that it should’ve been me.
ya everybody thought id be the one
to go missing.
while i was out dancing on the ledge
you just fell right over the edge.
and disappeared in to the night
with all the missing.
no one will say it but i see it in their eyes
you’ll just be another jane doe the dental chart
you’ll just be the better part of some ones heart that went missing.

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