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lirik lagu stranger – thousand foot krutch

it’s just the state of affection
just need something to cure the infection
i don’t want to be your misconception
no, no, don’t want to break the connection
it’s just the pent up aggression
that drives me into this direction
if i had to ask just one question
“oh no, how come they don’t listen?”

i don’t want to slip, i don’t want to fall,
i don’t want to care, or be here at all,
i don’t want to crash, i don’t want to burn,
i won’t want to forget what i’v learned

i’m a stranger that no one can see
a stranger to every part of me
i’m a stranger to all that i know
a stranger, everywhere i go

sometimes i don’t hate but i want to
blinded by the reason i found you
it’s just a feeling i get when i’m around you
can you relate to what i’m going through?
how much farther will i get?
man, i feel like such a moving target
how many times will i slip before i find it?
until then i guess i’ll just keep climbing

it’s so hard when you’re a loser
heaven help us find our way
and it’s so hard ’cause i’m a loser
heaven help me feel okay

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