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lirik lagu strangers – system syn

like we were strangers, we just twisted every word to have the meaning that our hearts had preconceived
but behind the dialogues we shared were morals we just claimed to care for
so now we never know who to believe
i have seen a world that isn’t gray
but now i can’t recall if it was just a waking dream
if we connected after all
or if i’d been lying for so long i started to believe in foolish hopes
that there was someone who was not a stranger to me
as we grew old we fought against the trajectory of consequence
but when a man cannot withstand the weight and gravity of his mistakes
he will place the blame on better men
who aren’t ashamed of their reflection
if we are strangers let us p-ss in silence
let’s not pretend there’s something more
if we are strangers let us remain

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