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lirik lagu street light – plies

“street light”
(feat. sean garrett)

[intro: plies – talkin’]
ay bae be4 you put yo clothes back on
i wanna tell you sumthin
you done sumthin in yo life i ain’t done befo
that’s f-cked a millonare.

[chorus (x2):]
d-mn shawty you hotter than the street light (yeah)
you wanna get did right (yeaa)
come on and get on it (come here)
i wanna know what’s making you h-rny (come here)

[verse 1:]
she neva seen me a day in her life
all she know my money look right
yung street n-gg-
sippin on yak
yea she see the swagg
plus she see the ice
sittin in the chevy
listing to the pipe
p-ssion co room for a wife
n-gg-s wish fo it but this is my life
she walk real stank dats wat i like
jeans stickin to her, p-ssy look rite
she get in this whip ain’t no c-min back
cause i’m pretty sure i got wat you like
can’t even front you hotter than the street light

[chorus x2]

[verse 2:]
she say she don’t f-ck with broke n-gg-s
i said me too
my money been straight wat about you
cause if you broke i don’t need to f-ck with you
bullsh-t neva i make dreams come true
you say yo man at work
baby wat he do answer fones for a livin ain’t dat cute
i’m in tha streets with a nine n he wearin suits
befo he f-ck you do he fanga you n eat you,
you got da potential of bein my boo
n bout 30 minutes i can get you loose
make you nut twice befo i shoot
you hotta than the street lite to tell you da truth

[chorus x2]

[verse 3: sean garrett – talkin’]
soon as you called me you begged me to c-m ova dere
but you kno dat you n-gg- is at home
n it’s gonna be sum sh-t if i appear
you kno it ain’t no fears
so c-m on baby be 4 real
i’m sure dat your n-gg- go carry on an put on
and i’m a have to take it dere as soon as the street lights c-m on
i’m a come get ya as soon as the streetlights c-m on
i’m a c-m see ya soon as the streetlights c-m on
i’m a c-m getcha soon as the streetlights c-m on
i’m a c-m see

[chorus x3 till plies says]


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