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lirik lagu subtlety – system syn

times are coming to a close
and doors are creeping open ever wider
as the night moves on
and you don’t follow suit
take my hint
i’m less than subtle
take my hand
and feel it’s cold
watch my eyes
now look behind them
hasn’t this been getting old

we are both hinting at the end
when you don’t want to be my friend
it hurts they say
when these times come
i understand
but still i’m numb
but i feel a headache coming on
that some might say it guilt
but believe me child
my guilt does not extend to you

this is not a lie
if i can make myself believe it
i’m not sure of anything
i need these words repeated
images come in fragments
but they do not fit together
you’re so clever
what you never know
will stay with you forever

i wasn’t the one
no wait, i was
everything has been my fault
my thoughts, my words
locked in this vault
just written on this paper
when all of this should be said
so don’t praise me for my honesty
you have no idea what’s in my head

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