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lirik lagu successful freestyle – c-billz


look. when i sat an did my first rhyme
i felt like whitney houston, when she did her first line
(yea) i got geeked an got serious wit it
tmz in my head an i’m my nearest critic
truely being successful is my main goal
trip to & left new york, but i’m no tango
i wanna be a star, i’m sick of hearin they same note
the dream right over ya head don’t let dangle

[trey songz- chorus]
i want the money,
money and the cars,
cars and the clothes,
the hoes,
i suppose,
i just wanna be,
i just wanna be successful.
i just wanna be,
i just wanna be successful.
i just wanna be,
i just wanna be successful

man came along way from playin copz & robberz
i need folkz down to ride so i copped some drivers
rap game is an ocean, an it’s alotta diverz
haters lurkin down in the deep, but i’m still survivin
how does a man make it through dis world alone
i gotta see, so at times i’m indiana jones
p-ssed the elephant graveyard, through the scattered bonez
i learned from lion king that there some places that i shoudnt roam
my lyrics dumb but momma neva raised a fool
stay close to my fanz cuz dey keep me kool
kool an calm, calm an collected,
all da luv i get from yall iz well respected
dey don’t want me shine, well ya betta expect it
i’d rather be in heaven cuz i kno h-ll is hectic
like a busy bee i’m workin hard to get da honey
got the green flu, but i’m neva sick of money

[trey songz- chorus]

[c-billz talking]
yours truly… c-billzzzz
i just wanna be successful ya’ll. this a freestyle