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lirik lagu suffering days – agony

devastated surroundings,
distressed environment,
what happened to humanity,

sickness is omnipresent,
in this world, and must go throught pain!

but alas we just thwril,
some days of sadness,
for our requiem,
dissapointment and shame till the end!

unknown comers of the mind,
unconquered spiritual way behind,
afraid of things we cannot see,
ignorance will draw us easily!

atrocious starvation!

nature’s revenge of our strange behaviours,
a life on this planet earth, are you sure???
after these centuries of pure destruction,
a life on this toilet earth are your sure???

tornadoes, typhons, tidalwaves,
cyclones, earthquake from chaos to the grave!
scenery of mortuary plains,
we forgot the everlasting pain!

fiendish for fulfill fail in the flood,
deepest d-mnation dawn in the death!
shuffled skuldggery, sky seems like blood!
borishness of bones back in the death!

will to die!
to fly so high!
p-ss through the gate of misery
to hide our lost soul!

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