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lirik lagu suicide veil – anathema

a sacrifice in the flight of dawn
the beauty of twisted reality
in my heart, my dreams

a sacrifice for freedom
alone in the grace of the dark
the pains of a failed generation

i longed for the death of the sun
another glorious revelation
destiny’s plan for ruin

i danced with the shadows
in tranquile chaos i lie naked in the rain
an interception of light
a disturbing memory
this suicide veil i wear in shame
to the top8. radiance
the dark is fading away
i don’t want to be alone anymore

the light of dawn is here once more

the light…
darkness is slipping away

of dawn…
i don’t want to be alone

is here…
won’t you stay?

not a word p-ssed your lips
just a golden kiss
as i whispered silently
help me through this

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