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lirik lagu summertime in venice (tempo d’estate a venezia) – connie francis

summertime in venice

i dream of the summertime,
of venice and the summertime.
i see the cafes, the sunlit days with you, my love

the antique shop where we’d stop for a souvenir
the bridge, the boats below, the blue above.

i dream all the winter long
of mandolins that played our song.
the dream is so real i almost feel your lips on mine.
and though i know we have to be an ocean apart,
there’s venice and you, and summertime, deep in my heart.

un so-gno ro-man-ti-co,
ve-ne-zia e il so-le splen-di-do!
do-vun-que sa-ro, no li po-tro di-men-ti-car!

di que-sta e-sta-te sul mar non po-tran mo-rir
in me, i dol-ce ba-ci ed i so-pir.

un so-gno ro-man-ti-co
ve-ne-zia e il so-le splen-di-do!
di mil-le can-zon l’e-co lon-ta-na por-te-ro.
que-sta la-gu-na ad-dor-men-ta-ta, ri-cor-de-ro
che par-la al mio cuor so-lo d’mor, sem-pre d’; amor.

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